Dena's Secretarial Service

24/7 Answering Service


Whether you have one operator or many we will streamline your office communication and improve overall performance while reducing errors and cost.


Appointment Scheduling

An efficient appointment scheduling process will elimiate hang-ups, keep schedules full and lead to a positive impact on your bottom line.


On-Call Scheduling

Gives flexibility and delivers a complete on-call scheduling solution, making on-call scheduling easy and convenient.


Appointment Reminders

We can help your patients remember appointments and eliminate "no shows" with reminders. 


Reporting Solutions

We capture statistics 24 hours a day, 7 days a week making detailed reporting easy.


Paging Solutions

Paging is an important part of a healthcare organization's communication process. We can contact on-call physicians and personnel for simple tasks as well as emergency situations.



Our telephone agents recognize the importance of physician-to-physician consults and are highly skilled in gathering the correct protocol information.